In an article published in magazine Frontiers, IPAM (in a project with COIAB and support from iCS) shows that the incidence and mortality rates of COVID-19 in indigenous peoples far exceed those found in the population in general of Brazil. There is also the importance of data transparency and the monitoring of this by civil society, because the data from the Ministry of Health suggests the opposite: 330 deaths of indigenous peoples compared to 670 in the survey by COIAB, which is a difference of 103%.

“By means of this investigation, it was possible to ascertain that not only are the incidence and mortality rates due to COVID-19 among the indigenous peoples higher than those observed in the population in general, but also that the data presented by the federal government is underreported. Furthermore, it was evident that the presence of illegal economic activities increased the risk of the spread of COVID-19 in the Indigenous Lands,” concluded the study.

Read in the article in full here:

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