Workshop held in Pará discussed strategies for the recovery of the territory and a state plan for the region

Representatives from the government of Pará, civil society, academia and traditional communities met (in person, in Belém, and online) for a workshop with a focus on the seed network strategy in the territory of Pará. Andréia Mello, from Funbio, explained that, with COP 30 coming to the state capital in 2025, it is necessary to carry out a series of actions, including the implementation of the Amazon Now State Plan. According to her, creating a seed network is fundamental in order to guarantee the basis of the discussions for the implementation of the forest restoration.

Nilson Ponto, the president of the Institute for Forestry Development and Biodiversity (Ideflor-Bio), reinforced that the appropriate organization of the seed production chain is one of the ways to turn the key of deforestation. “It needs a fantastic work for the organization and collection of the seeds,” he added.

The meeting is part of the project “Seeding Life: Seed network, organization and management strategy to support the restoration chain in public forests in the State of Pará,” carried out by Ideflor-Bio with financing from the Eastern Amazon Fund (FAO), through the Brazilian Fund for Biodiversity (Funbio) – from a grant by iCS.

Participants of the workshop in an official photo. Credit: Disclosure

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