We have also produced the first version of the Database of Consultants and Courses for the Strengthening of Civil Society Organizations (CSOs). This file presents a compilation of references of consultants, consultancies, courses, and other training opportunities that we believe may be of use to a CSO. This compilation seeks to address a need identified by an initial mapping made with some institutions that receive funds from iCS and/or from the Oak Foundation.

We conducted a survey of names and indications from previous works and references that were known to us. We performed a basic curatorship of the received indications, and all the consultants listed herein were previously contacted and voluntarily wanted to be part of this database. However, iCS is not responsible for the hiring of the services or for the accuracy of the provided information. For example, the listed training courses were not the object of previous experiences and, therefore, we cannot guarantee their quality.

This is a data source that will be constantly updated. If you have other indications for training courses or consultants, etc., please send them to mariana@climaesociedade.org so that we can keep the file up to date.

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