In an interview with the podcast Entre no Clima, Gustavo Pinheiro, coordinator of the Low Carbon Economy portfolio of iCS, was direct: “There is a divergence between the desire and the announced commitments and the reality of the operational execution.” He explains that the public policies of the countries are completely misaligned with this future vision, and this is why it is necessary to completely re-orient them. It is worth remembering, he says, that the “divergence is at several levels, both with governments and countries and the decarbonization goals that they undertook with the United Nations (the NDCs), and also in states and municipalities, which are often outside the public debate because they do not participate in the global convention, but which are very important in this process, because they are the ones that implement the policies (transport, solid waste and sanitation, among others),” he added. However, for more profound changes, Gustavo emphasizes that civil society needs to make charges, because the politician is a “hostage” to his electorate.

Read about and listen to the podcast here.

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