In 2019, the UN presented air pollution together with climate change as the main causes of concern for health. Air pollution is one of the highest environmental causes of illness and premature death in the world (according to the World Health Organization, about 7 million people lose their lives every year from pollution-related illness). For this reason, the Institute for Health and Sustainability launched the Doctors for Clean Air initiative. This is the result of the union between entities and professionals of medicine to present to society the problem of the impacts of air pollution and the consequences of climate change on human health and life on earth.

The movement advocates the institution of the National Policy for Air Quality and the creation of the National System for Air Quality Information. PL 10521/2018, which is currently pending in Congress, governs the two and its approval is considered essential so that Brazil can finally rely on the first federal legal rule that will support actions to reduce, control and monitor emissions throughout the territory. Another safeguard is the urgent implementation of the Paris Agreement.

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