The Amazon Conservation Team (Ecam) have launched a diagnosis about the production of the family agriculture practiced by the quilombola communities in Rondônia. The study focuses on the expansion of the strategies of visibility and the strengthening of the quilombola communities, so that, by participation, it will be possible to establish guidelines for the consolidation of an action plan in order to strengthen the agricultural production of the communities, aiming at food security and the generation of income for these communities.

The diagnosis made some recommendations aimed at the development of the quilombola family agriculture in Rondônia:

Ø Investment to build closer ties with public agencies for technical assistance and rural extension;

Ø Identification and promotion of management practices that bring academic and traditional knowledge closer together;

Ø Conduct training to support the production planning;

Ø Development of a study to ascertain the needs of the local consumer market;

Ø Details of the challenges of the production of family farming identified in the diagnosis for the development of action plans with the quilombola farmers;

Ø Mapping of partners to implement the action plans.

Read the diagnosis here.

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