Amazonian leaders met with federal authorities at the II Energy & Communities Meeting to make claims, demonstrate success stories and form partnerships

More than 300 leaders from the Amazon (indigenous, quilombola and extractivist leaders) met in Belém, in May, at the II “Energy and Communities” Meeting for a purposeful mobilization with the intention of providing energy to the nearly 1 million Amazonians who still live without electricity. Representatives from the communities started the event, raising their criticisms, needs and claims in the plenary sessions, alongside representatives from the ministries of the federal government.

Some initiatives were also demonstrated in practice on the panels. The social and productive use of renewable energy, flour mills and even solar boats, solutions for the internet, the conservation of vaccines, the pumping of water and telemedicine were prominent among the presented experiences. As a final result of the meeting, a letter was written for the inclusion and well-being of the traditional populations, in favor of the construction of policies and strategies for the universalization of energy, the dissemination of successful solutions and for cutting-edge technologies at the service of the peoples of the forest. iCS was one of the supporters of the event, which included organizations such as Coiab, Conaq, Iei and IEMA, among others.

The II Energy & Communities Meeting was a success in Belém. Credit: Valdenilson Moura

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