The series of podcasts “Eletrobras 2030,” which address themes in relation to Agenda 2030, dealt with climate change in its second episode. The guests invited to discuss the subject, with a focus on the social and economic impact and in the sectors of the generation and transmission of electric energy, were Kamyla Borges, the Project Coordinator of the Institute for Climate and Society (iCS) and Anibal Rodrigues, the manager of the environment department of Eletrobras.

“Climate science has evolved significantly in its capability and tools of analysis over the years. Today, in addition to the IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change), which is an agency that provides support to the World Meteorological Organization with the United Nations, there are other important institutions, such as NASA and MIT, which have already stressed the importance of climate change in the current context, with academic and scientific studies. What all these institutions have stated most categorically is that we are living through a process of alterations in the global climate balance and that these changes are increasingly related to human activities. We are not only speaking about the burning of fossil fuels, the burning of vehicle fuel, and the generation of electric energy or its use by industries, but also the deforestation and the change of land use, the increased waste generation, and so on,” said Kamyla.

Anibal complemented this with some important information for the market. “It was made very clear in Davos (at the World Economic Forum) to governments and companies that this subject is more than ever on the agenda of organizations.”

Listen to the podcast in full.

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