The Health and Happiness project, through the #ComSaudeeAlegriaSemCorona campaign, has sent 1,020 N95 surgical masks, 260 quick Covid tests, 3,000 disposable gloves, 1,500 disposable caps, 400 face shields, aprons, interfolded papers and a backpack sprayer to the government of the state of Pará. They were heading for the municipality of Faro, in the west of the state. “We are urgently sending these materials in this new stage of the campaign to try to help. The situation is very serious and we need to take all precautions we can now. We are at a stage when the virus from Manaus is already circulating in Santarém, in the communities and is in the incubation and silent transmission phase. This situation will not end any time soon. More than ever, we have to isolate,” said the infectious disease doctor and founder of the Health and Happiness project, Eugênio Scannavino. Read more here.

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