On January 27, the Ministry of Mines and Energy (MME) held a public hearing about the Program of Targets for Air Conditioners, whose objective is to establish new minimum indices of energy efficiency (EE) for air conditioners in Brazil. The Kigali Network participated in the hearing and showed data that indicated it would be possible to save R$ 5.4 billion by 2035 with the adoption of more rigorous standards of EE in the devices sold in Brazil.

“The more efficient the equipment, the smaller its impact on the electricity bill,” highlighted Rodolfo Gomes, executive director of the International Energy Initiative – IEI Brazil. He guarantees that the proposals are economically viable both for the consumer and the manufacturers. While the draft presented by the Managing Committee of Energy Efficiency Indicators (CGIEE), presided over by the MME, predicts that the index will evolve from the current 3.14 in stage 1, to 4.5 in stage 2, and to 5.5 in stage 3, the Kigali Network argues that these should be increased to 5 and 6 in the latter two stages.

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