Research shows that black families are those who face the greatest vulnerabilities in the access to energy in the communities of Rio de Janeiro

The survey heard from 1,156 people in 15 communities in the city of Rio and from four other municipalities in Baixada Fluminense, representing a total of 4,100 families. The conclusion is obvious: energy poverty has a social class, color and location. The Energy Efficiency Report in Favelas, the result of the course “Monitoring the Water and Energy Justice in Favelas” (organized by the Sustainable Favela Network and the Unifying Panel of the Favelas, and initiatives by ComCat and 7 other organizations), mapped the major problems faced by the residents of communities in relation to energy. Black families are the most vulnerable. Read more here.

Young people and leaders who participated in the course and the research. Credit: Unifying Panel of the Favelas (ComCat)

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