The Justice Energy series, coordinated by Comcat together with the Sustainable Favela Network in Rio de Janeiro, has prompted a series of reflections from different communities in the city on the role of energy and the immense inequality in the access and in the quality of services offered to these communities. One of the reports/articles shows, for example, how solar energy can be an important ally in the favelas: Dinei, who lives in Babilônia, in Leme, in the Zona Sul of Rio, is one of the local leaders involved in RevoluSolar, which is a non-profit association supported by iCS that works with the installation of solar energy systems in communities, in addition to providing environmental education and training courses. He says: “Small establishments, institutions and cooperatives. Babilônia and Chapéu Mangueira have showed the world that solar energy is possible in poor areas.” Learn more about the series here!

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