The Cycle of Debates, organized by CEBRI and partner institutions, discuss the reduction of the dependence on fuels and the competitive advantages for Brazil in a low carbon economy

How and when will it be possible to reduce the dependence on fossil fuels in Brazil? This was the theme of the 4th event of the Cycle of Debates, co-organized by eight civil society entities that represent 520 institutions. “We are in the midst of the election process; important issues need to be discussed and we have to talk about climate change in its multiple dimensions in order to make the paths and challenges of the transition to a low carbon economy more specific. Brazil has many competitive advantages in several segments in relation to other countries and we can be prominent in the international agenda,” said Teresa Liporace, the Program director of iCS.

She recalled that energy is a fundamental input in almost all of the production processes, but it is also a vector of the quality of life, health, leisure and safety in the lives of all Brazilians. “So, we talk about energy transition at iCS as justice, access and the reduction of inequalities. It is not by chance that, in a recent survey that we carried out as a result of the increase in energy bills, we identified that most Brazilians who were interviewed failed to pay other bills and bought only items of extreme necessity, in order to pay for their energy bills,” she added.

Other topics were discussed such as accessible and efficient transport, energy poverty and subsidy models for electric energy, including renewable energies.

The cycle of debates involved Heloísa Borges, director of studies of oil, natural gas and biofuels at the Empresa de Pesquisa Energética (EPE); Clauber Leite, the coordinator of the energy department at the ​​Instituto Polis; Paulo Pedrosa, the president of ABRACE (Association of Large Industrial Consumers of Energy and Free Consumers); and Cristóvão Alves – Director of Research and Evaluation of the NINT Group. The moderator was Amanda Ohara, the Initiative coordinator of the Energy portfolio at iCS.

Watch the debates here!

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