Do you know what the expression Black Swan means? The concept of the Black Swan was created by the philosopher Nassim Taleb to classify “a point outside the curve” – a crisis or an event of extreme rarity, which cannot be predicted and causes a violent and lasting impact on society. According to Taleb, human nature has never been prepared to assimilate black swans. The E+ Energy Transition Institute has launched the series of webinars “The Black Swan and the Energy Transition” with the objective of monitoring the impacts of the global crisis caused by Covid-19 in the global energy sector, as well as its consequences on energy transition. The series debut was focused on the oil market, with the perspective of the North-American expert Arthur Berman, with moderation by Luiz Barroso, the president of PSR Consultoria. From Houston, Berman presented his analysis of the fall of oil prices, and forecast the attainment of a new equilibrium value for prices by the end of 2020, but not at a level similar to the pre-crisis levels. Access and watch the webinar at:

On March 16, the E+ Energy Transition Institute held the second edition of the series of webinars “Energy Transition in the World,” whose objective was to discuss the subject in different national and international contexts. This time, the speaker was Julián Zuluaga, head of the Central Office for Regulatory and Business Affairs of the Ministry of Mines and Energy of Colombia, speaking about “The Energy Transition in Colombia.” Among other topics, Zuluaga addressed the challenge of electrifying the Colombian economy in a sustainable manner and the focus on environmental commitments.

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