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Three events marked the month of March for the iCS Law and Climate Program. The first was the event “Law, energy transition and climate change,” by the commission of studies about electric energy and the environment in partnership with iCS. With grantees and E+ in attendance, the meeting discussed with private advocacy the legal and regulatory aspects of the energy transition. “I spoke about the litigation involving the fossil fuel industry and its limitations and possible impacts on the energy transition. I stressed that many cases involving the industry are “hard cases,” which do not have a single direction and that many actions have indirect results, such as raising the financial and reputational risks of the investment in energy based on fossil fuels, altering corporate policies and changing the perception of society about the urgency of making the transition to a low carbon economy,” explained Caio Borges, the coordinator of the Law and Climate Program at the iCS.

The webinar “The Amazon Region and Climate Change” with Carlos Nobre (IPCC), organized by Caio Borges, brought together 62 members of the Federal and State Prosecution Offices to discuss the scientific aspects of the climate crisis. Nobre shared updated data about the deforestation in the Amazon Region, reinforced the importance of the forest for the local, national and regional climate stability, and listed the proposals for a new bio-economy for the Amazon Region.

“I would like to thank you for the invitation to participate in the webinar with Dr. Carlos Nobre. This meeting was very significant for the Abrampa associates, in view of having provided us with important data for the project that we are developing with institutions and the Brazilian Prosecution Office. This year, and in the coming years, we are expanding our focus of operation in defense of the Amazonian biome and focusing strategic actions to make an interface of the environmental preservation with the negative effects of climate change, which are subjects that are on the agenda of our association. Therefore, whenever there are new meetings, please let us know.” – Dr. Cristina Seixas, State Prosecutor in BA (MP-BA) and the president of Abrampa.

The iCS also held a training session with 20 Federal Prosecutors from several states in Brazil, with training by the Superior School of the Prosecution Office (ESMPU).

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