On July 24 to 28, in São Roque (SP), Engajamundo held the 5th edition of its National Meeting. At a ranch, surrounded by abundant greenery, 38 young people from the five corners of Brazil gathered together in order to understand what Engajamundo is and how it operates. They also discovered tools for political advocacy, trained non-violent direct actions, and participated in a plethora of ideas about how the network can help in the creation of content for external communication. The meeting displayed the diversity of the network: racial, cultural, regional, gender and sexuality.

Pedro Lacerda, responsible for the communication of the organization, said:

“We visualize how we are in so many different places throughout the country and, even so, with actions that speak and complement each other in their peculiarities, pointing to the same purpose: to be these politically aware young Brazilians with the tools to change our own reality.”

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