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Energy Specialist – Northeast

Joaquim Rolim

Joaquim is an electrical engineer, with extensive experience in energy and the industrial sector. He was a speaker at the COP26 and COP27 World Climate Conferences. He is currently a professor of postgraduation in strategic management in energy, renewable energy and green hydrogen. He has worked as an executive secretary of industry at SDE – the Secretariat for Economic Development of the Government of Ceará, the Coordinator of the Energy Chamber at the Consortium of Governors of the Northeast, as a member of the working group for the development of the Green Hydrogen Hub, an Energy Coordinator at FIEC, President of the Sector Chamber of Energy of ADECE, Consumer Advisor at Enel Ceará, Technical Director and Advisor at ABGD, Coordinator of the project for the new Wind and Solar Atlas of Ceará, digital and interactive, President and Director of Eletrobras Distribuição Acre, and Assistant to the Board at Eletrobras Distribuição Piauí. Furthermore, he has participated in the preparation of the Strategic Energy Route for the State of Ceará. At iCS, he is an Energy Specialist – Northeast