Organized by Imazon and IDS, with the support of iCS, the meeting brought together members from the Judiciary and civil society to find real alternatives for the conviction of those responsible for the crime

Brasilia hosted the event “Judicial responsibility for deforestation in the Amazon”, organized by Imazon and by the Democracy and Sustainability Institute, with the participation of civil society and important members of the judiciary. Caio Borges and Julia Norat Cavalcanti, from iCS, mediated the first two panels: “The use of technology for environmental accountability in the Judiciary” (Txai Suruí, one of the participants, explained that indigenous peoples use technology to document deforestation caused by invaders in their territories) and “What are the challenges of the work of the MPF and the AGU in the current context of combating deforestation?”

The third panel introduced the launch of the portal JusAmazônia, which monitors judicial actions in the region. The objective was to build a tool to monitor the processes in time and space, organizing the past, present and future of the actions currently underway in the Legal Amazon. At the moment, there are more than six thousand public civil actions against illegal deforestation in the Amazon on the platform, with information for readers to assess the evolution and results of the processes.

Watch the meeting in full!

Caio Borges, from iCS, speaks on his panel during the event / Photo: Bárbara Brito

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