In an interview with journalist Miriam Leitão, Maria Netto talked about the new role of iCS, the expectations of Brazil at COP28, and also about just transition

Maria Netto, executive director of iCS, was interviewed by journalist Miriam Leitão for GloboNews. During the conversation, Maria spoke about the new role of the Institute, which is now less about resistance work to prevent setbacks in the climate agenda and more about collaboration, with constructive criticisms, with national and subnational governments. “We need to demonstrate and help the government with the creation of public policies that are favorable to climate adaptation and mitigation. Of course, we will also provide constructive criticism, whether when we are talking about bills and regulations, or at the times of launching of the new PAC [Growth Acceleration Program] or ecological transition project, for example, in the sense of how we can have an active participation by society,” she explains. To watch the interview in full, click here.

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