More than 50 panels discussed the challenges of public transport, decarbonization, connectivity, corporate mobility, security and innovation, among many other topics.

Electric mobility was highlighted in the month of the Environment, with a specific three-day event at the Memorial of Latin America, the Urban Mobility Park (PMU), which is a partnership between Estadão and Connected Smart Cities. There were, in all, more than 50 panels with 130 experts debating topics such as decarbonization, corporate mobility, connectivity, shared mobility, challenges of public transport, active mobility, security, innovation and technology. Marcel Martin, the coordinator of the Transport portfolio at iCS, participated in the panel of Electric Mobility, Climate, Energy and Economy: Opportunities for Brazil and How to Take Advantage of Them. For him, the times of understanding if there is financial viability for the electrification of the fleet are in the past; it is now necessary to structure the business model.

Read the special 16-page section of Estadão about the event, the conclusions, the challenges and the next steps.


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