The cleaner energy matrix, indispensable for the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, has two paths: the increase of the use of renewable sources and the reduction of the use of fossil fuels. There are indications that investors are getting the message. The auction by the National Petroleum Agency (ANP), Round 17 of oil and gas exploration blocks, was a failure. Only two companies were involved and they sold only five of the 92 blocks for sale, which made this the weakest auction in the history of the country, both in the number of participants and in the areas auctioned.

Furthermore, the exploration areas are environmentally sensitive, which clearly shows the determination of the government to place environmental licensing as an afterthought to exploration. With blocks further away from the coast, round 17 was the target of protests by environmentalists against oil activity in locations that are close to important preservation areas in the country. Some iCS grantees and former grantees, such as Arayara, were organizations that mobilized and staged protests.

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