There is a new podcast available! Coralcast: Fazendo ECO, by VIEX, in its first episode, discussed the popular subject – ​​“ESG: The changes in social and environmental relationships in the post-pandemic world.” Fabio Alperowitch, from FAMA Investimentos, explained that, although the subject has received significant attention during the pandemic, it has existed for decades and is now beginning to gain traction. According to him, it is necessary to incorporate ESG into the decision-making processes of companies, and not just as a characteristic added to the traditional vision of investments.

Ana Toni, from iCS, who was also a guest on the first program, approached ESG from the point of view of the third sector, showing that the diversity of this group is important, with some drawing attention to the issue and others who provide solutions. “The third sector is creating instruments and mechanisms to contribute to this movement because it needs to evolve,” she said.

Listen to the podcast here

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