Sitawi Finance for Good recently launched a series of podcasts about topics related to their program areas. The following have already been produced: “Is Blended the New Finance? Combining different types of capital to achieve SDGs,” “Social Impact Bonds (SIB) in the countries of Latin America,” “Conviction, Convenience and Compliance” and “Decarbonization of the Portfolio.” In the latter, Sitawi listened to experts to understand how the implementation of the impact analysis of the investment in the environment and in society functions, what metrics can help the analyses to ascertain risks and mitigate future problems, and how the national market is reacting and looking at this scenario. More information here .

Sitawi also launched in November the publication “Climate and Development: the importance of the climate issue for financial institutions of development in Brazil,” which discusses the relationship between climate change and development, based on opportunities and risks – it is estimated that up to R$ 43 trillion of assets in the world will be under climate risk due to the increase in temperature by 2100. Download!

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