On Thursday, July 22, at 10:30 am, via the Zoom platform, Technical Meeting #2 will take place, addressing the subject of climate financing at the local level. Participation is free and requires prior registration via the link: bit.ly/encontrostecnicos

The event will involve representatives from cities and states sharing experiences and learning, as well as experts on the subject to bring perspectives and opportunities for financing in the subnational climate agenda.

“Technical Meeting #2 – Financing for the local climate agenda” forms part of the Cycle of Technical Meetings to discuss opportunities and responsibilities for the climate agenda at the subnational level. It is promoted by the Alliance for Climate Action – ACA Brazil and supported by the subnational platform for the CLIMATE .

Technical Meeting #1, which was held on June 15, addressed the subject of municipal and state competences for the climate agenda and involved Inamara Melo, from Abema; Cristina Leme, from the Climate Policy Initiative; Ilan Cuperstein, from C40 Cities, and Marcos Araújo, from FNP. The mediation was by Miriam Garcia, from CDP Latin America. To watch the recording of the meeting, click here .

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