The transformation of the Brazilian food system is urgently needed and requires efforts of multiple dimensions. In 2019, Imaflora (the Institute of Forest and Agricultural Management and Certification), together with iCS and the Ibirapitanga Institute, invested in the “Geography of food production in Brazil.” This is a project that aims to produce an analysis with respect to food production, with information about grown crops, production, productivity, value and producer profile. Expected to be ready in 2021, the project has had its first component developed and published: the report “Study about the food chain,” produced by Walter Belik. The intention, says Belik, was to provide an overall view of the food system in the country, presenting updated data for public policies. One of the most striking observations was that food expenses for the wealthiest families are 165.5% greater than the total income of the poorest families in the country. Download the study here.

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