The Instituto Escolhas published, in a virtual seminar, the results of the study “Food Diplomacy – What is Brazil’s appetite in the world scenario?” This was conceived by the Institute and carried out by the Center for Studies of Integration and Development – Cindes. The study presents the Brazilian performance “together with the international organizations that are responsible for the regulation of food production and trade,” according to Salete Cangussu, in an article on the Escolhas website. In the last two decades, the country has experienced an exponential growth in the agricultural sector – exports, for example, went from R$ 151 billion in 2000 to R$ 386 billion in 2019. With a central role in the international debate about food production and trade and its relationship with food security, the Brazilian agricultural export sector defines itself as a food supplier to the world, at the same time when this role also reverts international pressure towards the adoption of a clear positioning in relation to issues such as human health and climate change. Read the complete study.

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