A plan that has existed since the 1980s, but was abandoned 17 years ago, may be the predominant factor in the development of the Amazon region without any deforestation: the ecological and economic zoning plan. This is what the coordinator of the Low Carbon Economy Portfolio of the iCS, Gustavo Pinheiro, has said in an interview with Estadão. In partnership with other organizations, iCS is preparing a project to support the Governors of the Amazon Forum with respect to the sustainable economy of the Amazon region, such as the updating of the zoning and the creation of specific policies for the development of the regions. This is a development from the Convergence for Brazil, which is an initiative that brought together former finance ministers and Central Bank ex-presidents, coordinated by iCS and O Mundo Que Queremos, in a manifesto in favor of the green economic recovery of Brazil after the pandemic. Read in full here.

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