Idec (the Brazilian Institute for Consumer Protection) joined with four other non-governmental organizations, who are iCS grantees (ICCT – International Council for Clean Transport, ISS – Institute for Health and Sustainability, ITDP – Institute for Policies of Transport & Development and WRI – the World Resources Institute) to propose to the federal government the creation of a program to rent electric buses. The program has several fronts, from the contribution to the decarbonization process of public transport to the change in the paradigm of the cost structure of the municipal systems. An excerpt from the letter sent to the Minister of Regional Development reads as follows:

“Public transport confirms (…) its indispensable character for the minimum functioning of cities, in a much more acute way than in previous historical times. In this context of crisis, it is clear that, although it has many management problems, the public transport sector is essential for all citizens – href=””> 50% of passengers depend solely on it and have no other transport alternatives for travel. Its suitable functioning, mainly in an environmentally appropriate manner and without the emission of pollutants, is a necessity for health and is fundamental to the quality of life and health in the cities.”

href=””> Read the full letter here.

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