The Science and Technology Committee (CC&T) of the National Platform of Electric Mobility (PNME) held, in partnership with the Research Development Foundation (Fundep), the webinar “How can electric mobility contribute to your health?” Four experts discussed the benefits of the electrification of transport, from very light to heavy, on public health. Data and statistics were presented on how it can help to fight obesity, mitigate urban noises and reduce emissions of greenhouse gases and polluting particles. Evangelina Vormittag, a doctor and director of the Health and Sustainability Institute, recalled the urgent attention to combat respiratory diseases, which aggravate the cases of contagion of Covid-19. Watch here in full!

“What does the environment in Brazil have to gain from electric mobility?” This was the basic question of the second webinar of the cycle. Ilan Cuperstein, deputy director for Latin America of the C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group, explained that the electrification of transport must also take into consideration aspects of public health and financing, using the Chilean case as an example, which uses leasing. This is a type of electric bus rental granted by energy companies to transport operators that dissipates the value of the vehicle and makes it cheaper than a diesel vehicle.

Amanda Ohara, the technical coordinator of the E+ Energy Transition Institute, in turn, recalled the abundance of the Brazilian energy matrix, with possibilities to supply the demand for electric mobility sustainably. The workshop was moderated by Marcel Martin, the iCS transport coordinator. Watch it here!

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