The Center for the Analysis of Freedom and Authoritarianism (LAUT) is a new independent institution committed to producing and disseminating knowledge about the quality of the rule of law and democracy. Financed by four institutions, including iCS, it has the objective to monitor statements of authoritarianism and the repression of freedoms, with the intention of substantiating the mobilization of civil society and the defense of freedoms. The Emergency Agenda platform is the first specific result of these efforts and catalogs the acts and behaviors of state authorities that may pose a risk to democracy in Brazil.

The events that have had the largest repercussions and those that have gone unnoticed – but can bring about important changes – are presented in calendar and timeline formats, with information about the context, reference sources, links with other cataloged events and reading indications. The types of risks are classified by symbols and colors.

LAUT will go one step further in 2020, with the launch of a series of podcasts about climate change.

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