It is no secret that the new coronavirus has brought enormous challenges to Brazil, a country of continental dimensions. Mapping and understanding its dissemination, therefore, has become indispensable in order to combat the pandemic. To achieve this, a multidisciplinary project has united academic organizations (UEFS, UFBA, UESC, UNEB and IFBA), emerging technology-based companies (GEODATIN AND SOLVED) and MapBiomas in an initiative that combines geotechnology resources with artificial intelligence to monitor and predict the evolution of COVID-19 in the country: the GEOCOVID website.

The Geocovid website was launched a year ago, with the purpose of monitoring the advance of Covid-19. It was initially in the municipalities of Bahia, helping health authorities in the management and the combating of the pandemic in the state. The great demand for researchers, press professionals and public managers from all over the country lead to the project expanding nationally.

At this time, the partnership began with MapBiomas, whose focus is on the mapping of the coverage and land use of Brazil. The experience of MapBiomas has helped to overcome challenges such as data feed, storage space and data processing efficiency. In one year, the Geocovid website has achieved over 220,000 views, by more than 70,000 people in 95 countries.

The new version of the Geocovid MapBiomas website, launched in March 2021, has improvements in the interface and in the projection algorithms, as well as new content, such as vaccination data. You can find the website here.

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