The Giro 2020 initiative, a partnership between the Casa Fluminense and the Smart Citizenship Foundation, is designed to strengthen democracy before, during and after the elections by means of a proposed agenda, training processes and social mobilization. “The monitoring process of public policies cannot be centered in one organization. As much as the Casa Fluminense fulfills a role of organizing data and information, we need to build methodologies and tools that are available to social leaders and civil society organizations, so that they are capable of performing social control in their neighborhoods,” said Henrique Silveira, the Executive Coordinator of the Casa Fluminense.

Among the activities planned for 2020, the year of the municipal elections, are courses for pre-candidatures, training laboratories for social leaders, themed meetings, and debates with the candidates, among others. “We believe we can build better cities, by better elections, more monitoring and with civil society playing a leading role in the debate about the construction of public policies,” assessed Ana Carolina Lourenço, from the Smart Citizenship Foundation. Watch a video of the first meeting below.

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