The event organized by the CDP in partnership with iCS provides information about the Global Stocktake, the current period of monitoring and the importance for Brazilian climate agents

“Transparency and Implementation of Climate Actions: Global Stocktake” was the topic of the debate organized by CDP Latin America, in partnership with iCS, to provide details about the transparency mechanism of the Paris Agreement. Conceived in 2015, as a way to guarantee that the global progress related to the goals of the Agreement is analyzed and publicly disclosed, the Global Stocktake allows countries, non-state actors and subnational governments to reflect on their climate commitments and adjust their actions to guarantee that the main objectives (limiting the global warming to 1.5 °C, for example) are complied with.

During the event, Viviane Romeiro, an iCS consultant, explained a little about the importance of the first Global Stocktake (which began in Glasgow, at COP 26, and will culminate at COP 28, in 2023) for the Brazilian climate agents. “Now, at COP 27, we are in a second stage, of technical and facilitative dialogue, which consists, firstly, in the collection and preparation of information; secondly, a technical analysis; and finally, the consideration of the results. The Global Stocktake is focused on mitigation, but also on adaptation and the means of implementation – in other words, capacity building, technology transfer and financing – and is a transversal mechanism that dialogues with the different agendas. The challenge we have is how to bring this topic more specifically into the reality of the climate policy of Brazil.”

Watch the event here!


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