The “II COR Challenge – Smart City, Smart People” had its first week of activities on November 23-30. The project, led by the RJ Operations Center and Labgov, began with the Hackathon that addressed the issue of the impact of climate change on the public transport system in the city of Rio de Janeiro. During this stage, which lasted seven days, there was the conception of solutions, with an immersion of the groups with respect to the operation of the municipal bus system, the role of COR in the integration of the operations of the city, and the idealization of solutions with the support of mentors.

Three groups will be selected from this stage for the next stage, of prototype development, which will take place in December 2019 and January 2020. In this stage, the groups will have direct interaction with urban mobility experts and other mentors – the objective is to test the application of the prototype with the operational needs of the COR team.

If the test is approved, there will be a period of acceleration of 22 months, of which two will be used to adjust outstanding issues in the development stage of the prototype. In the event of achieving the required criteria of operational maturity, the product will be integrated directly into the COR operations, initiating a period of development that is more focused on the needs of the market, with the support of business mentors. See more .

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