The Governors for the Climate group held, on February 25, the meeting “Building interconnected solutions for the semi-arid region,” with the 2021 executive secretariat: AL, BA, CE, ES, MA, MG, PB, PE, PI, RN and SE. Held by the Brazil Climate Center, with iCS among the supporters, opportunities were discussed regarding the formulation of an integrated plan of actions for the development of a low carbon economy in the Brazilian semi-arid region, connecting renewable energies, green hydrogen and the regeneration of the São Francisco River, as well as strategies for training, employment and sociocultural inclusion. In addition to governors and secretaries of the environment, experts from the electric sector and representatives from Germany and the European Union also participated.

For Annette Windmeisser, head of Cooperation for Sustainable Development at the German Embassy, ​​Brazil can become a global player in the generation of green hydrogen. Germany is betting on green hydrogen to decarbonize the chemical, cement and steelmaking industry. The country that becomes a global supplier of green hydrogen technologies will have to import the fuel from other countries, which produce on a renewable basis, such as the Brazilian Northeast.

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