Among the examples, the launch of the Green New Deal Brazil, the GND-BR, with the objective of generating employment and income with investment in low carbon sectors and activities, the construction of a resilient infrastructure and the expansion of public services to serve the population. The plan forecasts the creation of 9.5 million jobs. A report by CNN provides more details.

The coalition Governors for the Climate, which involves 24 Brazilian states, also took advantage of the conference to seek meetings with donor countries and to raise funds for climate projects.

The black movement had a prominent agenda during the event. In addition to debates at the Brazil Climate Action Hub and coordinations with other countries during the conference, activists published the letter “For the control of global warming – zero deforestation: ownership of the quilombola lands is zero deforestation” and participated in the large march through the streets of Glasgow organized by young people from the movement “Fridays for Future,” launched by the Swedish activist Greta Thunberg.

The historian Douglas Belchior, from the Black Coalition for Rights, participated in the most important discussions of civil society and subnational groups at COP26 in Glasgow. “Debate on the climate is a debate on human rights . It concerns the lives of people who occupy territories and who are, along with the territories, victims of economic interests that suck from nature everything that it has of wealth without bothering to replace it, just as it sucks the life from the people. Climate justice is about the right to life,” he told the Geledés website .

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