GIFE has launched the GrantLab platform, which seeks to promote the practice of grantmaking in Brazil by expanding knowledge on the subject in the universe of Brazilian private social investment (PSI). The website, which is supported by iCS, is mainly aimed at foundations, institutes, philanthropic funds and companies. Connected to the Thematic Network of Grantmaking, GrantLab is a content hub and shares reflections, tips, learning, tools and recommendations, among others. Different formats are available, such as articles, guides, cases, infographics, podcasts and videos, for example.

Based on grantmaking practices widely disseminated and qualified in Brazilian social investment, we seek to collaborate for the development and sustainability of civil society in the country, recognizing and legitimizing the role of organizations and initiatives that are committed to the implementation, promotion, defense and creation solutions to challenges on the public agenda, enhancing citizen action and Brazilian democracy.

Thus, the platform provides, in a very accessible way, resources and content so that organizations working in the field of philanthropy and social investment can improve their understanding and their donation and grantmaking practices, contributing to generate more social transformations and positive impact.

Know and explore more here (in Portugurese).

GrantLab is a GIFE initiative supported by iCS, Instituto Humanize and Instituto SICOOB, and is connected to the Grantmaking Thematic Network, launched in 2018 at the 10th GIFE Congress and created to be a space for learning and exchange experiences in order to foster, qualify and expand the practice of grantmaking in Brazil. The platform therefore seeks to add efforts to the actions of the Thematic Network, subsidize their debates and be fed back by them, as well as aggregate and consolidate all these reflections and learnings.

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