The Role of the Legislative in the Green Economic Recovery was an online discussion with Alessandro Molon, a federal deputy from Rio de Janeiro from the PSB, and Klaus Mindrup, a German federal deputy for the Social Democratic Party. Mônica Sodré, the executive director of RAPS (the Network of Political Action for Sustainability), was the mediator of this 14th edition of the series Dialogues . The urgency of government and civil society measures for a green recovery set the tone for the discussion. Watch it in full here with some highlights below:

Alessandro Molon
“At this time when everything seems out of place and with the world economy all messed up, I find it easier, however paradoxical it may be, to think about a transition to a green economy. Whether due to internal pressures, from the Brazilian people and from parliament, or due to external issues, the government will have to change its behavior. However, as there is a (government) that is resisting this agenda, it will be the responsibility of parliament to assume this role.”

Klaus Mindrup
“For the first time, we have had the dramatic effects of climate change, with a very dry and hot summer and problems of fires in the forests, which does not usually happen. As a result, several measures have been taken, such as the new law of climate protection that defines objectives for each one of the sectors.”

Monica Sodré
“At the federal level, unfortunately, the environmental issue has not been seen as a priority. This can be evidenced by the proposed Budget Law, which includes cuts in the environment portfolio. We will only have harmony between the social, environmental and economic dimensions if we have political agents who are committed to this challenge.”

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