The judgment of the green package at the STF has been producing satisfactory results. On Thursday, April 28, the Federal Supreme Court overturned three decrees of the Bolsonaro government regarding environmental policy: one that excluded civil society from the board of the FNMA (National Fund for the Environment; the decree that removed governors from the states of the Legal Amazon) from the Council of the Legal Amazon; and, finally, one that extinguished the Organizing Committee of the Amazon Fund. href=””> Read more here.

Furthermore, in May, by a majority vote, the STF established a deadline of 24 months for the National Council for the Environment (Conama) “to issue a new resolution regarding indices of air pollution with more modern standards and linked to the guidelines of the World Health Organization (WHO). Until the publication of the new resolution, the current resolution remains valid. However, if the environmental council does not comply with the deadline, the current resolution loses its validity and the indices will be those proposed by the international entity,” href=”″> explains JOTA. The discussion took place in the Direct Action for the Declaration of Unconstitutionality (ADI) 6148, in which the Health and Sustainability Institute and Alana, who are grantees of iCS, are amicus curiae.

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