Political coordination for almost three decades has generated the urbanization of part of the Butantã favela, which has been significantly affected by rains and landslides

The organization Desenrola e Não Me Enrola has published the first content of the series “Guardians of the Climate.” The report describes the work of community leader Claudete Cordeiro, a black woman from the Northeast who demanded that the governing authorities urbanize a favela in Butantã affected by heavy rains and landslides. She managed to obtain not only the necessary works to avoid these problems at the Jardim D’Abril II, but also the construction of a square in the area.

Among the next planned achievements of her political coordination is the building of the association’s headquarters, with a delivery expected by the beginning of 2024. The project was supported by the public initiative Reporting Grant: Climate Justice – AJOR and iCS: Climate Justice and Confronting Environmental Racism in Brazil.

Claudete was responsible for the building of the Praça Tomas Coelho de Almeida. Photo: Pedro Oliveira/June 2023

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