The Climate Coalition and Active Mobility (CCMob) held the second edition of their Café no Clima, which is a meeting available on YouTube that debates the future of sustainable urban development in the country. In the current issue, the debate involved Sergio Leitão, the director of Instituto Escolhas, Renata Maré, a lecturer and researcher from USP, and Hannah Machado, the coordinator of Urban Design and Mobility from the Bloomberg Initiative for Global Road Safety, to discuss housing and transport.

Among the topics covered in the almost two hour debate are the study by the Instituto Escolhas and the Getúlio Vargas Foundation “LIVING FAR AWAY: the My House My Life Program and the expansion of the Metropolitan Regions.” This analyzes whether the program has contributed to the chaotic expansion of cities and keeps more and more people far away from the center, from work, and from public services. The importance of the correlation between technology and mankind for a more holistic look at urban centers was also discussed. Finally, the urgent need for a paradigm shift was debated, taking into consideration that we have reached the pinnacle of unsustainable cities.

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