FunBEA, together with iCS and other partners, carried out the project Environmental Education & Climate Emergency, with research about climate education and guidelines for practical actions

With the support of iCS, the FunBEA – Brazilian Fund for Environmental Education (FunBEA) carried out the project Environmental Education & Climate Emergency, which is the first initiative in Brazil that has the objective to understand how the climate crisis in the field of formal and informal environmental education in Brazil is being tackled.

The first survey in partnership with the Cemaden Education Program (National Center for Monitoring and Alerts of Natural Disasters – Cemaden/MCTI) is available, showing that the climate education scenario in Brazil is still emerging, incipient and somewhat sporadic.

Based on the research, FunBEA has developed guidelines to direct practical actions to combat the climate crisis through education. These guidelines are available for public consultation until July 2023. They are being submitted to civil society through social organizations, movements, groups, associations and people involved with the subject.

To access the consultation, click on this link.

In September of this year, in the month of Philanthropy, together with the Rede Comuá, also supporting the project, FunBEA will present the guidelines to society as a whole and also to the Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change and the Federal Department of Environmental Education (DEA).

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