IEI (International Energy Initiative) Brazil has published its 2019 Annual Report with the description of the activities carried out over the past year, from events, projects and news to countless other products. Being interactive, it is possible to access, through titles and other links, the complete contents of the news and other publications. Among the achievements, one highlight is the comic strip “Super Energy Efficiency against the Villains of Waste,” published on National Comic Day (January 30, 2019), with the appearance of the Super EE heroine . Created to disseminate concepts and information about energy efficiency in a fun and more accessible manner, the character, who personifies energy efficiency, has a cape inspired by the National Label of Energy Conservation (ENCE). Together with friends, she is part of the Energy Efficiency class, responsible for explaining, for example, details about the Kigali Project.

Coordinated by iCS, Kigali has received technical support from IEI Brazil in the development of a regulatory impact study of air conditioning units for new minimum standards of energy efficiency together with the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL), among other activities and publications. Since September 2019, the IEI has operated on four fronts of Kigali. Learn more here, starting on page 4.

In 2019, together with iCS and IDEC (the Consumer Defense Institute), the director of IEI Brazil, Gilberto Jannuzzi, also participated in the side event “The Kigali Amendment and the Refrigeration Sector: Mitigation of Greenhouse Gases (GHG) and the Improvement of Energy Efficiency,” at the Brazilian Climate Action HUB (an area organized by iCS) during COP25, in Madrid. Check out the performance of the entity in the complete report.

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