On the last Monday of January, the program Cidades e Soluções, by the journalist André Trigueiro on GloboNews, was about impact investments. This concerns a trend in the world of business, in which business owners and investors start to use more sustainable criteria when choosing their applications. Sitawi Finance for Good, which is a social organization of public interest, a grantee of iCS, and a pioneer in the development of financial solutions for social impact and in the analysis of the socio-environmental performance of companies and financial institutions, participated in the episode.

“Sitawi works mainly with this type of sustainable finance and philanthropy as well, acting as an intermediary and trying to mobilize more capital for a positive social impact. On the philanthropic side, we manage funds so that they are better allocated and directed for impact; in social finance, we started making loans to social organizations of impact businesses and, today, we organize crowdfunding where we a part of the capital and invite individuals to place the rest in impact business as well, such as cooperatives, for example,” said Leonardo Letelier, the founder and CEO of Sitawi.

For individual investors, the business works well, says Thomas Lara, a social entrepreneur and investor in Orgânicos in Box by Sitawi – the same or even double that made from savings or an interbank certificate of deposit. Watch the TV program . The interest rates for the impact social businesses are also much lower through Sitawi than traditional banks.

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