In February 2022, it is possible to say that the Amazon forest experienced its worst year in a decade in 2021. This is shown by the Deforestation Alert System (SAD), of the Institute of Man and the Environment of the Amazon (Imazon). “From January to December, 10,362 km² of native forest were destroyed, which is equivalent to half of Sergipe. Only in relation to 2020, which was a year in which the deforestation in the Amazon already occupied the largest area since 2012, with 8,096 km² of forest destroyed, the devastation in 2021 was 29% greater,” says a note on their website . Another fact that draws attention is that when crossing the deforested areas with the database of the National Registry of Public Forests of the Brazilian Forest Service (SFB), the researchers observed that 47% of all the deforestation recorded in the Amazon last year took place within federal territories.

Larissa Amorim, a researcher from Imazon, explains what should be done. “In order to combat deforestation, it is necessary to intensify the inspections, mainly in the most critical areas. Fines need to be applied and an embargo placed on illegally deforested areas,” she concludes.

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