“How do you measure the relevance of a subject or of a brand? What tools, methodologies, principles, people, or companies, would you indicate on this subject?” This was the question, sent by a journalist who is a member of the e-mail group of Rede Narrativas, which started the “Conversation Group: Indicators of Marketing, Media and Relevance,” organized by the communication coordinator of IEMA, Isis Diniz, on June 6, in São Paulo, in a space provided by IDEC (Consumer Defense Institute). 45 communication professionals from different organizations – such as the Ayrton Senna Institute, Uma Gota no Oceano, O Mundo Que Queremos, Conectas Direitos Humanos, Greenpeace, and IPE, among others – registered and about 21 attended. Cases studies were presented from Carrefour, Greenpeace Brazil, and IEMA, and discussed, producing a long debate with respect to the possibilities of performing successful marketing of causes and virtual engagement.

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