During a meeting in Brasilia, the Peoples of the Amazon Basin warned about the lack of representation in the construction processes of the Summit

“We consider that dealing with the Amazon agenda without the effective participation of the Indigenous Peoples who inhabit it, demonstrates the non-recognition of our lives and the roles that we play in favor of the maintenance and defense of the forests. Once again, we are faced with debates and constructions of proposals about our territories without the guarantee of our participation, which reveals the recurrent colonialist practice that seeks to silence our leading role, while supplanting our voices and autonomy in the decision-making spaces.”

This is one of the passages from the Letter of the Amazonian Peoples regarding the Amazon Summit, to be held in August. The text was written during a meeting of indigenous peoples and organizations and allies in Brasilia, which promoted a diagnosis of the entire construction process of the Summit, “which aims to produce a position of consensus with respect to the forest to be presented in future global debates about climate action and the protection of the biodiversity,” as shown by the opening lines of the Letter.

For the participants, the indigenous peoples of the Amazon Basin do not see the conditions for effective participation being ensured in the processes of dialogue, proposal and construction of the Summit. Read the letter here.

Meeting of Indigenous Peoples and Allies in Brasilia to discuss the Amazon Summit / Credit: Disclosure COIAB

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