Each week, Casa Fluminense will share data, proposals and reflections on the reality of inequalities in the Metropolitan Region of ​​Rio de Janeiro (RMRJ), through the special series of Infographics of Inequality, with a close look at the precariousness and the lack of access to basic rights that historically mark the daily life of the suburbs.

The context of the COVID-19 pandemic has made even more clear the role of public policies to guarantee security for the population, mainly for the most vulnerable economically.

Starting from the issue of housing, the main strategies to contain the advance of the dissemination of COVID-19 have been social distancing and home isolation, in addition to repeating hygiene practices. It is important to stress the importance of #FiqueEmCasa [Stay At Home], although these measures are an alert for those in the suburbs of RMRJ, who live with the reality of excessive population density.

⚠️ Rooms with more than 3 people are the reality of 300,000 houses in the Metropolitan Region of Rio, according to the 2010 Census and 2018 IPS. Japeri is the municipality with the largest excessive housing density, with 14% of the households in this condition. Jacarezinho is the leader among the administrative regions of the capital, followed by Maré, Rocinha, CDD, Zona Portuária and Santa Cruz.

In a scenario in which many of these houses do not have adequate ventilation, it is necessary that the government guarantees a subsidy for the purchase of construction materials and technical assistance for these populations. The emergency adaptation with respect to sufficient airing should not be the responsibility of these families. In the most serious cases, it is necessary to guarantee adequate or improvised dwellings in other areas, such as hotels, schools and universities.


🖇 The series of Infographics of Inequality is part of the research of the new publication Map of Inequality | Metropolitan Region of ​​Rio de Janeiro 2020, which will be launched by Casa Fluminense. More information soon!

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