The Global Climate Litigation Report, an important accountability statement, cites a filing action produced by the IEA for compliance with the PPCDAm

The Global Climate Litigation Report: 2023 Status Review, published by the United Nations, highlights the importance of judicial actions related to the climate and reinforces the importance of environmental law in this approach, as well as in the protection of human rights and biodiversity. The document highlights the Public Civil Action filed by the Institute of Amazon Studies (IEA), an iCS grantee. It seeks the compliance with the Action Plan for the Prevention and Control of Deforestation in the Legal Amazon (PPCDAm), related to the National Policy on Climate Change (PNMC). As a final objective, it aims to guarantee that the maximum rate of illegal deforestation in the Amazon does not exceed 3,925.00 km2, and that the forest restoration of the entire deforested area in excess of the annual legal limit is promoted by the Federal Government, among other measures. Read the report here.

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