On June 24-26, Fortaleza held the Mobilize Fortaleza Summit , which is an annual meeting about sustainable transport by the ITDP (Institute for Transportation and Development). This gathers together actors from urban transport with renowned researchers in order to celebrate best practices and to accelerate the implementation of mobility and sustainable transport projects. Every year, the ITDP and the Sustainable Transport Award committee choose a city that has implemented sustainable initiatives to host the event. In 2019, Fortaleza received the award by carrying out actions such as the equitable division of the road space, the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, and the increase in safety by prioritizing public transport, bicycles and walking mobility.

According to Marcel Martin, coordinator of the transport portfolio at iCS, the following were the highlights at the event:

. Discussion about private mobility and the public interest: the importance of access to data and the partnership between public and private actors for the better functioning of mobility in the cities.

. Challenges to turn provisional interventions into definitive interventions: pilot projects that demonstrate good results can and should be put into effect (the widening of sidewalks, the transformation of parking lots into leisure areas, and the installation of exclusive bus lanes, etc.)

. The importance of promoting good mobility as a solution to mitigating climate change

. The city of Fortaleza as an important laboratory: it demonstrates that it is possible to improve the mobility of cities when there is political will

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